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Amatrius – The Experience

Efficient and sustainable health and beauty is accomplished inside out.

Range of sound- and scent-based treatments and applications

High Efficiency Packages:
Get to Know Myself
Create My Future
Issue-Solving Remedy
System Cleansing
Energy Booster
Mobilize Your Potential
Leverage Your Talents

Psychic Guidance Consultations
Family Constellation
N2O Hypnosis (Laughing Gas Hypnosis)
Chakra Cleansing with a Yoga Home Kit
Virtual Reality Breathing Training
Tools for Quick Relaxation
Krav Maga
TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
Quantum Reset
Kinesiology/ NAET allergy treatment
Voice Therapy

360° analysis of physiological status (Blood, DNA, Pre-Conditions)
Micro-Nutritional Support
360° Nutritional Remedy
360° Psychotherapy

Examples of the small group seminars, 1 to 3 days:

Trust and follow your intuition, Martin Zoller
Addictions, Dr Marius Ütö
Prevention of Diseases, Dr.Jakob Izbicki

Amatrius Product Range:

The Four Amatrius Impact Scents:
Eaux de Parfum,
Natural Sun Protection Indulgence Oil,
Free-Osole Room Scents

The Resource Activation Card Set, in Co-Operation with Martin Zoller:

A set of 48 cards that helps you to focus on your inner resources, find answers to important questions in life or inspire yourself

More information and program soon to come!

I want to know more:

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