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AMATRIUS® The Holistic Resource Activation Institute Ibiza

The Amatrius Resource Activation Program will help you identify and strengthen your unique superpowers.

Activate your resources!

We start on the inside to make you look and feel your best both inside and out. The Amatrius Institute Ibiza invites you to discover our selection of spiritual and scientific offers on site or online.All of our solution-oriented methods take you on an inspirational journey that helps you identify and activate your personal resources. To prolong the positive outcome of the Amatrius Experience when you go home, we offer a selection of appropriate tools in our shop.

Our team of global experts offers a broad range of individual treatments, workshops and seminars in their areas of competence. These can also be bundled as High Efficiency Packages. The offers are available for groups or one-on-on, both at the Amatrius Institute and online.

Our Resource Activation Experience is supported and intensified on a cellular level by the Amatrius Impact Fragrances.

Call or chat with us for an individual recommendation that is tailored to your specific needs.

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Our Offer

High Efficiency Scientific and Spiritual Packages

Discover Your Inner Self
Create Your Positive Future
Issue-Solving Remedy
System Cleansing
System Reboot
3 Step Energy Booster
Leverage Your Resources


360° analysis of physiological status
360° Nutritional Remedy
360° Psychotherapy
Osteopathy/ Chenot method
Traditional Chinese Medicine
Krav Maga
Emsella Pelvic Floor Training


Psychic Guidance Consultations
Family Constellation
N2O Hypnosis (Laughing Gas Hypnosis)
Buddhist Practice
Virtual Reality Breathing Training
Quick Relaxation
Quantum Reset
NAET allergy treatment

The Methods

N2O Hypnosis (N20HYPNO®)

A guided hypnotic journey to help consciously shed destructive routines and habits.
This form of hypnosis is a state of consciousness and awareness that applies various techniques of traditional hypnosis and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which is used in trauma therapy. The effect is achieved by combining the hypnosis with elements of sound and scent, and administering a mix of laughing gas and oxygen

Emsella Pelvic Floor Training

Puts the joy back into sex.

This non-invasive medical device improves male and female sexuality by increasing circulation, toning and tightening weakened pelvic floor muscles and improving bladder muscle control. This helps relieve chronic pain, vaginismus and enhances virility. Take a seat for the recommended six sessions of 30 minutes each, and let the electromagnetic waves do their magic. Your libido will thank you!

Family Constellations Method

Healthy roots grow happier family trees.
This game-changing method helps eliminate the occurrence of toxic behavioral patterns to free you from damaging family entanglements. Proxies that represent family members, or even co-workers, and who copy their inherent biological or social structures (morphogenetic fields) help participants get to their deepest roots and say farewell to past trauma.

Classic French Osteopath and Craniosacral Biodynamic, Tensegrity

Return to full flow.
Our in-house therapist Virginia is at home in Ibiza, where she has built a solid reputation in her field. She has acute sensibilities, which allow her to hear and read the body to identify and relieve blocked flow. Her touch is intuitive and subtle. The natural, non-invasive treatments that Virginia performs unlock energy and reawaken slumbering resources. When you walk out, you’ll feel simply amazing.

Chenot Method

It’s time to take out the trash.
Virginia and her team offer this patented detoxifying treatment. This method was developed in France and based on 50 years of research. It uses a licensed cupping technique to banish toxins from the body, thereby restoring vitality, energy flow and balance. It can be used alone or in combination with a nutrition plan or other techniques as a holistic cleansing.


Mindfulness is a path to better health.
The Amatrius Institute offers various types of meditation practices. We work together with meditation professionals who are specialists in their fields. You’ll therefore find psychic meditation, Buddhist meditation practice with the Lama, along with other varieties. You will also be able to easily integrate the different practices in your daily routine, once you have internalised them at the Institute.

Virtual Reality Breathing Training

Deep breathing brings deep relaxation.
This method combines virtual reality and breathing exercises to achieve deep relaxation in a relatively short time period. By wearing a VR headset, we enter a virtual world and look out across a mountain lake. A sphere hovers above the lake, which can be made larger or smaller with deep breathing. Changing the size of the sphere is controlled by your respiration, which is measured by an abdominal belt. With the help of scent and sound or other training methods, such as autogenic training, you will be deeply relaxed within 15 minutes and ready to face life’s everyday challenges.

Quick Relaxation

It’s all about you.
When we welcome you to the Amatrius Institute Ibiza, you may feel stressed from your journey upon your arrival. We’ll help you get in the mood for all the good things that await you with a 10-minute relaxation session. To encourage letting go, we’ve included our Amatrius Impact Fragrances as part of the experience.

NAET Intolerance Relief

Tolerance is the key to enjoyment.
In the first session, all intolerances are explored in a one-hour long kinesiology test. In further sessions, the intolerances are relieved by applying acupressure to the body’s meridians that are affected by the intolerances. If you suffer from dietary intolerances, neurodermitis or have reactions to metals like nickel, we can highly recommend this method.


Navigate your stars.
Success Coach Alicia Orre offers her Astrological Deep Dive sessions at the Amatrius Institute. She brings an eclectic mix of coaching strategy and expertise in psychology and astrology to help unlock your potential and navigate your destiny. She is available for readings and prediction sessions that reveal what the stars have in store for you.

Quantum Reset

Get rid of the obstacles: it’s time to get un-stuck!
Melchior Arnold offers his Quantum Reset sessions at the Amatrius Institute. Your rebalancing session will take you through 33 levels, beginning with the physical, on to the emotional and finally to the mental, where he will provide detailed explanations of what he has seen. It is a clearing technique that gets your frequency back on track and boosts your energy field. You’ll notice, as will others, that something has changed for the better.

360° Physiological Analysis

Second spring.
This medical analysis uses orthomolecular and functional medicine to determine and help improve physiological age. In cooperation with a German physician with 35 years of expertise in the area of life-prolonging treatments and anti-aging, all analyses are performed in a German laboratory – the only European lab able to conduct such tests. The results, combined with the holistically adapted 360° Nutritional Remedy supplement, will help you to spring back with new energy.

Traditional Chinese Medicine  and Laser Acupuncture

Tradition and technology in a winning combination.
This is Traditional Chinese Medicine with an innovative upgrade. The ancient, non-invasive therapies are reinforced with the use of laser technology. Traditional herbs are also used to enhance therapeutic results.

Krav Maga

Hand-to-hand and hand-to-mind.
This defense technique was developed by the Israeli military and literally means “contact combat”. The method is based on the physical ability of being able to defend yourself against an aggressor, and mixes elements of wrestling, boxing and street fighting. Apart from learning self-defense, this training increases personal resources like self-esteem and confidence on a much broader basis. The basic training can be learned during a weekend and participants will leave feeling stronger and in charge of their resources.

The Experts

The Amatrius Institute offers a curated program by The Experts listed below. These may differ from the offers on their websites.

Martin Zoller - Psychic Guidance Consultation

Tap into your unique potential and talent to develop the strength within you.

Martin Zoller is an internationally acclaimed seer, intuitive futurist, psychic and remote viewer who provides strategic guidance in matters of personal and professional importance with his Aura Interpretation and Analysis. His offer includes private or group sessions as both one-off sittings and long-term packages.

Susan King - Holistic Mind-Body-Spirit Centering

Knowing who you are is the first step toward a healthy relationship.

Susan King is an internationally acclaimed intuitive counselor who uses her intuitive gift with an eye to the relationships we have, hold and sometimes even lose. Her repertoire of services includes holistic consultations for healthy relationships and dating guidance.

Dr. Antoni Aguilar Chastellain – 360° Psychotherapy

A psychoactive approach to medical psychotherapy.

Dr. Antoni Aguilar Chastellain is a medical doctor with training in Gestalt and integrative body therapy. His psychotherapeutic sessions focus on body, emotion and humanistic therapies, which deal with experience and perception. His unique method helps release experiences buried deep within the subconscious.

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